Gasline Installation in Chesterfield, MA

Working on a gas line can be dangerous if proper installation steps are not followed. This is the reason why we need to hire a professional heating contractor. The contractors are known to make the installation of gas lines successful step by step. Such steps will be discussed in this article.

Identifying pipe size

Determining the size of pipe is the first step. This step is essential to check the appliance receive enough gas to function properly. Minimum input of gas is measured in BTU's per hour. Inside diameter as well as outside measurement is required.

Fitting materials

Corrugated stainless steel and black iron are two commonly used approved fitting materials. A valve for each line, pipe joint compound, pipe wrench and many more tools as well as fitting materials are required which are considered by the experts.

Proper cutting

Next to fitting materials, proper cutting is the step which the experts follow. If it is to cut iron pipe the experts always cut the pipe by maintaining the full inside diameter. PVC lines are also used by them and this allow for imperfect measurements.

Disconnect existing line

The heating contractors are known to keep in mind that the existing lines are to be disconnected well before the new installation. For this, the valve is turned on and the technicians make use of pipe wrench to support flow of gas properly.

Installation of splitter

The next step is the installation of splitter and it is all about removing old section in the pipe and screws the new section. gasline installation in Chesterfield, MA. gasline installation in Chesterfield, MA. Joint compound is put on both the ends of the connection in order to prevent leaks.


Certain special instructions are also there to be followed during the installation. They avoid using ground joints other than after the shutoff valve or directly at the meter. They make sure there is a shutoff valve where the gas appliance is present. Adding to it, a proper inspection is done for better installation results.


One of the most useful steps for water heaters installation or installation of gas pipes is testing. Air pressure test is required and it should be at least 1 ½ times the working pressure. The piping system is checked to identify any leakage or defects found in the pipe line.

Thus, with the above discussed steps, the qualified heating contractors make gas line installation simple, easy and successful in the residential and commercial areas.

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